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There are literally thousands of slaves in Chicagoland...

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There are dozens of different ways to free them...

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They are all listed on this site for you to choose...

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We view those who have escaped as heroes...

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Let’s be there for them when they dash for freedom.

Welcome to Free Slave With Your Own Hands!

Our goal here is to connect you with organizations in the Chicagoland and Milwaukee areas who are fighting human trafficking. On our pages, you will find endless opportunities that will allow you personally to work to end human trafficking through helping victims, planning events, educating the public and so much more.

No matter your level of experience, there is a job here for you, a place that needs you, a project for you to be involved in. It’s not about having any certain ability, it is about having the love and the drive to bring an end to this horrible blight on humanity. Through us, find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you today.

The list of ways to free victims physically that is safe and non-violent.

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Survivor Aid

Once they are freed physically they need to be rescued from the bonds to their old lives. Anything done to make their new life better breaks those bonds. Bringing household goods, fundraising for safe houses, mentoring, etc. are also rescue.
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Are you more interested in the political side of the struggle against human trafficking? Look no further than here for ways to work politically for the needs of human trafficking.

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Organization Aid

Do you want to plan an event? Put on a show? Do something outside of the world of human trafficking that helps human trafficking victims? Do you want to help the organizations that are fighting the good fight directly? Look no further!

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Have a group? Choose what fits you best. Don't have a group? Join the email discussion boards to discuss the idea and meet up with like-minded people to form the group.

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The public, lawmakers, children, taxi drivers, hotel workers, the johns, police, fire, even household repairmen can all free slaves if they are educated with a few simple facts. No degree necessary..

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New Ideas

Do you have an idea not listed here? Come share your ideas and find more people who are interested in starting the particular service you are thinking about.
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Complete List

Can't find what you're looking for in these seven categories? Click Here to find a complete list of every possible human trafficking volunteer opportunity in the Chicagoland area.


-There are at least 6 groups trying to start safe houses but lack the funds to do so.  Some

of them could get started right away if they could get a house donated to them or even

rent free use of a house donated to them.  If you have one or know of one let us know and

we will connect you directly to those groups.  This would probably be the difference in

getting another desperately needed safe house started.  Thanks for spreading the word!

Contact us at: fswyoh at

-A large vehicle to transport materials for fundraisers.  Compassion To The Rescue will

be running large fundraisers to support the safe houses and need anything from a

minivan to a small truck to move materials on a regular basis.  fswyoh at

-Laptops to help survivors get jobs, to train volunteers and manage our mobile

fundraisers.  Contact us at: fswyoh at (@ replaced to avoid spam).