Free Slaves With Your Own Hands is about you accomplishing compassion greatness.  This group of people who we love so much can use help like no other in our country.  The physical and psychological wounding, the lack of resources and education to start a new life, the control by evil, means whatever little you put into them does great good.  Maximum difference making per ounce of sweat.
This site is a near complete list of all the ways to help.  Choose the opportunity that fits you best.  Have limited time?  There is a small niche that you can fill.  Want to be a leader?  There are groups waiting to be started and run on our “options for groups” list.
We are just volunteers ourselves.  The site is non-monetized.  All expenses and labor is done as a gift of love to God and the victims and survivors who we love so much.  Our mindset is not to help a group but to help all groups in this movement.  To maximize the amount of effort region-wide by helping all groups.
We were started when we found a safe house by accident in Montego Bay Jamaica.  Then returning to Chicago we ran into a Traffick Free awareness group who had a table at the C2E2 convention.  Awareness works.  The difficulties in trying to volunteer to work against this complex evil called trafficking helped us realize that volunteers need to know all of the options in order to find their place.  So we built this site which serves as a “Yellow Pages” type directory.  It exists to connect as many volunteers as possible up to maximize help for those we love so much.
The running of this site required getting to know each part of the local movemement how it worked and what it needed.  Processing this information resulted in finding two formulas.  One to put the greatest quantity of volunteers to effective use.  This has resulted in the creation in 2015 of Compassion to the Rescue.  The second formula is an attempt to create the highest quality volunteer opportunity possible for those without advanced training.  This concept will be utilized in the Compassion Response Team.  When these get going their links will appear at the bottom of the home page of this site.
For new groups trying to find their way we offer personalized counseling for free.  We know what everyone is doing and can tell you the pros and cons of every opportunity.  Email at fswyoh at
We are a one stop shop for organizations to tell the world of the volunteers they need and a place for volunteers to find their role in the terrifically important fight against human trafficking.
Browse our pages. Look at our listings. Let us know if you have an idea you have not found here. And find a way to personally get involved in this incredibly worthy endeavor with these amazingingly worthy organizations.
In this way, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, you will find a way to free the slaves of this world with your own hands.