Dear Chicagoland/Milwaukee Anti-Trafficking NGOs,


This site also exists to serve Chicagoland/Milwaukee’s Anti-trafficking organizations.  Whether you are part of the biggest NGOs or just a few friends who work in your spare time consider us a resource for you.


We have studied each group (there are around 30) and know their needs and strengths.  You may have a need that another group can help you with.  We can hook you up.


As you get volunteer needs send the specs to and we will post them.   There is no charge for any service we provide.


We don’t solicit or need donations.  We want you to get them.


When you update your website concerning your upcoming events just paste the info into an email to us and we will also post it on our events calendar.  So easy to double your exposure.


We will be collecting interested volunteers to do the following for NGOs:

-Collect the specific goods survivors need from the public and supply them to the NGOs to save resources.

-finding volunteer, volunteer coordinators who will attract and coordinate those hard to find specialist volunteers who are so effective (Doctors, lawyers, publicists, grant writers, translators, etc.)

-A coordinator team to encourage congregants to ask their doctors to give one patient of pro bono work a year.  Then track those commitments and supply them to the survivors served by the NGOs.

-Run fundraisers for the NGOs.

-Think tanks to help the movement.  Some of whom will come up with ideas that you may want your NGO to do.

-Starting discussions on how to resolve: The usability of the 7 year stat, the demand theorum, the survivor housing crisis, the overwhelming need for john education, new untried rescue ideas, publicity events, etc.  Many minds will resolve these issues.  Those minds will meet here on this site on our discussion groups, refine new programs and possibly form working groups.


We love and support every group.  Be encouraged, we have seen your work and are impressed.

Send us your ideas, your needs, what you have in mind.


Your servants at F.S.W.Y.O.H.