Chicago, September 18, 2013 – Today, a new website was launched that helps both volunteers and organizations in the fight against human trafficking.  Volunteers can now pick from the complete list of possible opportunities.  This allows them to find the best fit for their skills and passions.  Volunteers who only know of one organization who can’t quite fit in there can now go to one site to find all of the other opportunities.  This will increase the amount of volunteers movement wide.  The simple sharing of information on this site will result in liberation for more victims.

This site exists to help the entire local movement.  From the big charitable organizations, to law enforcement, to the grassroots organizations of friends and religious groups, even to the individuals whose passion is to work alone.

A new idea page (hosted on Facebook) will allow the public to suggest, discuss, refine new methods previously unthought of.  Together many minds can invent new methods to free the modern slaves of human trafficking.  People from around the world may monitor it and use the ideas discovered here in Chicago to help turn the tide in this fight elsewhere.  So volunteers who can’t find a good current niche within the movement can simply invent their own.


Idea specific email discussion groups will then research, and hash out new programs, bouncing their ideas off of each other.  Then when each program is solidly thought out those same people can meet up to start action groups to implement it.  Chicago will become a laboratory for the world-wide movement.


Compassion provoking art will be collected on a pinterest site.  Please submit any art or photos to fswyoh at


History:  An awareness group had a booth at the C2E2 comic book convention in 2013.  Run by the excellent NGO, Traffick Free, they alerted us to the local trafficking problem.  Then the staff of the Dreamcatcher Foundation gave of their time freely to add expertise and web development.  Free Slaves With Your Own Hands is a site for volunteers created by volunteers.

Chicago has a long history of fighting slavery, going back to before the Civil war.  It is ingrained in the fabric of our psyche.  We won’t stand for it here.  NOT IN OUR HOUSE!


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