Slavery has been illegal since 1865.  However, some laws on the books are still accidentally keeping people enslaved today.  Changing laws effects masses of people and is a huge difference maker.  There is also approaching business leaders to get them to make sure their businesses are not accidentally aiding human trafficking and getting them to teach their employees to identify victims.  Then there is advocating that the media run articles.  T.V., Newspapers, online entitites can reach the masses with the core issues.  Publicity is a force multiplier.  Human trafficking is news since the public does not know the fundamentals.  Thus, the press is looking for our story as we speak.  Feed it to them -even by email.


  • Advocacy

    • Lobby government

    A list of Illinois officials and what to share with them:  (Shared Hope)

    -Lobby government (Each site brings a new tool)

Contact your legislator and urge her or him

to work toward the ratification of the

Convention of the Rights of the Child,

including the optional

Protocol on the Sale of


. Download the advocacy kit at:


-A non-Anti-Trafficking site provides us with an excellent tool to influence your government.

Catholic Relief Services:


This group knows the exact legislation to work towards.


-Suggested letters from the Evangelical Cov. Church on how to influence government

-Lobby foriegn governments

Read the Trafficking in Persons

Report issued annually by the U.S.

Department of State. Find out

which countries are offenders and

write a letter to their travel bureau

and tell them you will not visit

until they improve their efforts

around human trafficking


    • Publicity.  Get the press to work to free slaves

-Handbook for journalists.  Chicago Journalists can read this and know how to report better.  No research needed.

-there is no current group to coordinate a publicity campaign.  However, a simple internet study of how to write and send in news releases to the outlets will show you how.  Then look at our events calendar for the events to base the articles about.  Asking the press to mention the name of this site will ensure that those who are moved by the articles written will find out how to do so.  Remember, the press wants to hear the details of this movement.  Your press release makes their job easier.

To form a group of like-minded individuals join this discussion group:

    • Get businesses to educate their employees

    -Create coalitions of local small businesses,

chambers of commerce, better business bureaus,

and political leadership to work together to

develop solutions to the problem of sexual

exploitation of youth, such as creating training

and job programs.

AATOP does this also

Possibly the International organization for Adolescents.


Teach taxi drivers, hotel clerks, household repairworkers, strip club barkeeps, etc. to report possible Trafficking.  Get their companies and associations to spread the word for us to their employees.  Chicago based IOFA International organization for Adolescents (check both of their websites) may be doing this and could use help.  Discuss this and form a group at: