Options For Groups

Here you will find both short and long term options best served by groups.  If you don’t have a group you can be part of forming one by joining the discussion group for that idea.

Discuss your ideas, help research it, then meet up with like minded people to create the group.  Grassroots groups of volunteers can operate with little or no money.

They can exist to support the charitable organizations or they can operate completely independently.  They start with zero resources but have full autonomy.

Free Slaves With Your Own Hands is available in an advisory role and will call the first meetings if no one else does.  We can give you the knowledge we have received from the rest of the movement and references and contacts to fill in the information gaps.  But we won’t be leading the groups for the long term.  That job is for you and the team.  Counselling available at the weekly FSWYOH meeting in the Randolph room of the Chicago Cultural Center at Randolph and Michigan Ave. Saturday’s at 4:30.

Some options are experimental.  They may or may not work.  Your involvement will be as a Christopher Columbus or a Thomas Edison testing, experimenting, researching, troubleshooting, or adventuring.  This means in the end all of your work may come to nothing.  Or you may be the person who discovers a winning formula that saves thousands worldwide.  The Modern Anti-Slavery movement is still in it’s infancy.  The best ways to fight Trafficking probably have not been invented yet.  The opportunities are there for those who will seize them.

If no one comes to help form the group you are interested in right away, just know that Free Slaves will always be listing the idea and have a discussion group.  They will come later.  You can start now by beginning the research and foundation building.  Also you can join another group while you wait for the others.  After your group is formed it will receive an ongoing stream of volunteers from being listed on this site.  Also a listing on meetup.com is recommended.



Awareness groups

This is the most common grassroots group in the movement.  The public is mostly unaware that the metro area contains thousands of slaves who can be freed by volunteers.

Show a movie with a discussion afterward, have a booth at a church or event.  Research and present the facts to educate the public.  The next Harriet Tubman, Shindler and Fredrick Douglas are out there unaware that slavery is back.  Let them know of the greatness that awaits them.

This site exists because of a Traffick Free Awareness group that we ran into at a sci-fi convention.  All you see here is from those few volunteers who gave of their time.


How to get started:

Contact Traffick Free or an awareness group.  Each of the 4 Willow Churches have them.  Materials and emailed advice can be obtained by the Polaris site (polaris.org).

Other information and resources can be found at:  http://caase.org/other-resources


Resource Collection

Collect physical life necessities and household goods for survivors.

Email discussion group members to explain and refine the idea and to form a working group of like-minded people:

Link: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/resource-collection-for-recovery

Email address: resource-collection-for-recovery@googlegroups.com

Pro Bono Medical Work

Coordinate pro bono medical work for part or all of the entire Chicago movement

This is not as hard as it sounds.  Let the awareness groups know to encourage people to ask their own doctors and dentists to treat one patient a year pro bono and where to register that commitment for future use.

Collect and organize the commitments.

Consult with Stop-It, Dream Center, Heartland, Promise, Dreamcatcher, etc. on what they need.  Match up their needs with the commitments.  This can all be done from your computer with near zero expenses (maybe a cheap flyer for distribution by the awareness groups).  Survivors often need medical attention due to violence and are broke.  Collect a team or go it alone.  (We just love this idea.  What a winner!)

Research this idea and meet up with like minded people to form the working group at:



Start a john School

So easy!  You don’t need a building, money or a degree.  Maybe not even a team.  Just get permission to teach “class” for maybe an hour or more to arrested or on probation purchasers of sex.  Each suburban police department and the Chicago police Department is currently doing nothing and can be approached individually for permission to do so.  The Cook County Sheriff’s office (big on arresting johns) only shows them a DVD but could use you to be present and provide additional info.

The collar county, small towns, Northwest Indiana and the greater Milwaukee area have a wealth of police departments needing this service.  Well over a hundred.

Get self-trained: call Polaris using the National hotline 888 3737 888, research it on youtube, contact CAASE (the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation) for info or it may be on their website.

Also, the Cook County Sheriffs have a DVD that they may give you a copy to be the basis for your presentation.  Google ‘john schools’ for additional info on building the program.

Make sure you tell the johns that their purchase is instrumental in America’s children being kidnapped, beaten, raped and forced into prostitution.  Some will continue to buy anyway.  Some will heed your teaching and lessen or stop altogether.  (Some actually have hearts).  The resulting lowering of demand will not only free current slaves but prevent new ones from being enslaved and damaged in the first place.

Lowering demand is one of the “magic buttons” of the movement that produces huge dividends of good.  100% safe.  Show up at the station, show the DVD, Talk, go home.  You have just performed rescue.  You have also just prevented somebody from needing years of therapy or their death.  Good job.

This can be done by an individual.  However, a group that systematically covers as many police stations as possible would be even better.  Discuss, research, form groups at our email discussion group:



Help Survivors stay in Safe houses

Some have financial needs that drive them out of the safe houses.  Any way to make money while still remainng in the safe house helps them stay and complete their healing process.

Research all of the ways for survivors in safe houses can make money at home This will allow survivors to get started financially with their new life while completely protected at the safe houses.

Please contact us for details or forward all findings to Heather at the Chicago Dream Center (heather@mynewlife.org) and FSWYOH@gmail.com .

We are currently starting some research on work that survivors can work on in the safe houses.


Find the best short video that discourages johns

Write a one sentence or so intro to entice them to view it.  Put the URL for the video and the intro into the boxes of the john’s at their websites.  The group needs to meet to decide on the video, the intro and how to divide up the world of john sites to cover them all.  Remember, johns are the deciding factor in how many of America’s children are kidnapped each year.  Discuss ideas, write programs and form working groups at:


Email: john-suppression-on-internet@googlegroups.com

Housing research group

The physically freed keep getting pulled back into “the Life” because of a lack of beds and recovery workers.  Safe houses need to be funded.

Non-safe house ideas need to be discussed, researched and implemented in ways such as: Exchange student style host families, foster care for minors, a self supporting community where they work and live, etc.  Also, Refuge for Women is coming to set up a safe house in 2014 and needs host churches and volunteers.  Contact them directly (www.refugeforwomen.com).

New idea and group formation discussion at:


Find the best short video to convince a victim to jump to freedom

Write a one sentence or so intro to convince them to view it.  Put the URL for the video and the intro into the boxes of as many call girls on their sites as possible.  The group needs to decide on the vid, the intro and how to divide up the world of call girl sites to spread the word.  Our founder says: “The truth will set you free”.

Join the discussion group and build this program.  Then you if you are up for it you can build or join the working group to carry it out.


Labor trafficking rescue

Ways need to be found to discover how to spot a trafficking business from the outside or with minimal (and thus safe) interaction with the staff.  Volunteers can be sent to observe to look for the signs.  They then report to the group leadership who reports to law enforcement.

Needs research.

Technical research needed to help find victims.  We have done much of the study already.

Join the discussion group and build this program.  Then you if you are up for it you can build or join the working group to carry it out:


Join the Free Slaves With Your Own Hands (FSWYOH) New Idea Discussion page on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/HumanTraffickingDiscussionPage

This site lists new ideas from the public.  Go there to find a new one for your group.  People will be posting new ideas on that page that are not listed here.  Find an idea you like.  If you wish contact them to work together to create the group that will bring it to life.

Help survivors find jobs

Counsel them one on one.  Get local businesses to help them get hired.

Discuss the concepts of forming a group to do this and then form it on our email discussion list:



Public speakers at African American Churches

This church group has an uncommon power to free slaves in Chicagoland.  In every major congregation someone knows where they are hidden.  The issue rings powerfully from a historical perspective.  The biggest group of victims comes from this community.  Someone can go around from church to church, with permission speak for a few minutes, let them know of the problem, the hotline to call tips into, and how to start their own Anti-trafficking group.

A colossus can be made aware of it’s power to provoke liberation. Chicago’s first Anti-Trafficking group was based in an African American Church in 1850.  This leadership needs to be restored.

Also, CTW seems to be doing this so I recommend contacting them: http://www.ctwintlministry.org/

Help design this group on the email discussion list.  Then help start it, lead it and/or expand it at:



Touch the heart of God

What does God want as a gift?

In the spirit of Isaiah 58:6 and Matthew 25:35, one of the things that pleases God would be to free someone from slavery.  It turns out that He also knows where they are hidden and how we can free them.  If hearts can be turned toward giving the gifts He would like to have, He may then decide to lead us to where they can be freed.  Meet up in a high traffick zone to pray walk until the Holy Spirit comes upon us to lead us to to those who need rescue. (We do not have a google group made yet).   Come learn from the group and join or start your own version.  This concept can be used for any aspect of anti-traffiking that can use extra direction to find the resources to help.  Email us at: fswyoh at gmail.com

Emergency housing for freed victims

House someone coming right out of trafficking the day they are freed.  House them only a few days -usually only one day.  They could be coming out of prostitution or not, drug addicted or not, needing to be hidden from violent people or not, angry, sobbing, silent or not.

You take them in.  Give them food, a bed, comfort, safety, or first aid if they need it and hook them up with their next place.  The next place could be their relative, their trustworthy friend or a safe house.  This is not a coordinated program yet, so a team needs to research and design it.

Research should be calling Refuge 4 Women in Kentucky who has a staff person who is doing this exact thing in her own home for girls about to enter their safe houses and Chicago’s Dreamcatcher which is interested in this.  The individuals taking this on would need to get trained on all the usual trainings the Salvation Army Promise program has.  Then go through an application process.  The team would need to establish relationships with all Chicagoland Rescue groups (email us fswyoh@gmail.com) and show itself to be trustworthy with the care of these valuable people.  The team would ideally have several individuals who could take in individuals.

Why is this necessary?  Safe houses cannot take people in until after they have been processed (usually a day).  Plus, they are not open for intake at night when rescue often occurs.  People who need to flee need a place to stay one night even if they are going home on the bus in the morning.  Where would they stay?  In a bed in a good samaritan’s home who was willing to take the risk.  Unused guest houses, basement apartments, or maybe even church facilities.  The team comes up with a bed.  There is no funding for this, but most people have an extra bed and food which is the real cost.  A fund of donated monies could be used to pay for bus and travel food to safe houses and families homes, but not essential to the basic service needed to be provided.  The challenge will be to get the rescue groups to trust that the volunteers have the training and are not at undo risk.  This needs to be heavily researched but should be doable.


Here is the email discussion list to research and form the groups:



Have an inspirational speaker come to speak to your church or organization

The Dreamcatcher Foundation, International Justice Mission, Heartland, Salvation Army’s Promise Program, Changing The World Int. Min. (http://www.ctwintlministry.org/) and The Chicago Dream Center all have speakers who can do that.

Teach “local” people to report possible trafficking

Teach taxi drivers, hotel clerks, household repair workers, strip club barkeeps, etc. to report possible Trafficking.

Get their companies and associations to spread the word for us to their employees.  Chicago based IOFA International organization for Adolescents (check both of their websites) may be doing this and could use help.  Discuss this and form a group at: