The general public is largely unaware that there are thousands of slaves in Chicagoland and that volunteers can free them.  To teach the public is to multiply volunteers.  In fact some can only be freed when sighted by people going about their daily tasks who report what they see.

Students can be taught to avoid getting lured into trafficking; johns can be taught about the horrors they wreak upon America’s children; police, medical, taxi and hotel workers can be taught to spot and report victim sightings.  Educating your friends and relatives who are doctors, lawyers, therapists, social workers and encourage them to give a day or commit to help one victim.  This will trigger thousands of dollars saved to be used elsewhere effectively.

If you get involved in education, teaching people about this site’s list of volunteer opportunities will hook them up right when they are most enthusiastic.  We will have business cards printed for distribution email at  These cards can also be put on school and business bulletin boards to help multiply volunteers for the movement.

Teach awareness to police, medical, and other public staff

    Go to your local hospitals and police.  Ask the leadership if you can show this video to all of their staff who deals with the public.

It will quickly teach them: “What is human trafficking”, “How to identify victims”, “How to report it to get them freed.”  (Also deliberately mentioned in indirect rescue section)

This is a 7 minute video from Homeland security on teaching identification to police, medical, etc.

Prevent kidnappings through education in the community


  • Teach junior and senior high schoolers how to avoid becoming victims.


  • Teach the police


  • Teach prevention to high school age boys


  • Teach Anti-demand at High Schools

Teach Anti-demand at high school  (men preferred, but women can also do this)

We also need help promoting our curriculum for young men in high school.  If you have any contacts at high schools in the Chicago area, please contact us so we can reach out with this valuable and free resource.

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation:

  • The MAKING WAVES Task Force will create it’s own initiatives based on the needs and opportunities within the community.

It is a multi-faceted team of people with various ideas, talents and skill sets to plug in where needed. Current initiatives include a community training and continuing education opportunities. If you’re interested in joining this group, please contact us.

Link to our site:

  • Teach at John schools or start them.

The City of Chicago needs one.  Currently Cook County sheriff shows them a DVD only.  Hundreds of suburban, county and state police stations need them.

The purchase of sex is the greatest factor in determining how many of America’s children are kidnapped, beaten and raped.  Most johns are unaware of this fact.  Luckily, they are already in class waiting for you to teach them.  It is called jail.  Ask and you shall be allowed to teach.  There are hundreds of local, county and state police jails.  They all need teachers.


Discuss and meet like minded people at:!forum/john-school-email-discussion-group


  • Teach the society that pimps are abusers of children.  Make a movie or use social media.  When society realizes how bad they are, those who know them and know they are pimps will be putting pressure on them to set their captives free.  Those who know the pimps can’t do this with zero support.  They are just the networkers.  If the network turns against their activities they will have to cease those activities.


  • Research how new technology can be used against trafficking.  Smart phones are everywhere.  Current technology should be able to be used to free victims.  Where is James Bond’s “Q” when you need him?  Send in ideas and start a discussion by contacting


  • Teach taxi drivers, hotel clerks, household repair workers, strip club barkeeps, etc. to report possible Trafficking.  Get their companies and associations to spread the word for us to their employees.  Send in ideas and start a discussion by contacting


  • Whatever the men’s group “sex rebranded is doing”  (I hope members of the group will send in a suggested post for this spot


  • Lower demand for sex slaves

Lobby to change laws

Lobby to have law enforcement refocus activities on adult perpetrators of sex crimes against children: the pimps, traffickers, and offenders who buy sex. Learn more at


Education through tagging your luggage

Purchase a Tassa Tag (luggage tag) from  The funds from these tags train tourism industry employees how to take an active role against sex tourism and conduct community outreach about

the problem.


Spread awareness to the general public

Place posters to let public know of the problem and how they can help.

Posters are available at homeland securities’ web site:


Host Awareness Events


  • Rockford, awareness, events, an Evangelical Covenant Church ministry


  • W.A.R. events at Churches


  • W.A.R. house parties


  • War pajama parties for children


  • W.A..R. public events


  • W.A.R. public speaking (You will be doing the public speaking)


  • Shared hope ambassadors


Other Education Opportunities

  • Public Awareness and Outreach Volunteer at Stop-It


  • West Chicagoland Anti-Trafficking Coalition

Awareness and co-ordinating of groups.  Need communication volunteer to handle email and keep everyone communicating.  Write on their Facebook page to communicate with them.


  • Making Waves

The Awareness Team creates Awareness Weeks. Similar to the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, the team will invite local police, firemen and women, schools, businesses, and places of worship involved in raising the awareness of human trafficking and sex slavery. The team will organize prayer vigils and provide educational opportunities within schools and businesses. Contact us for more information.


  • Battle Angelz Presenter     Stop-It

Screen a film about human trafficking in your community

You can also engage in your own awareness-raising efforts through screening a film about human trafficking in your community, hosting a book club on the issue, or hosting a panel on the issue.  If you would like to spearhead one of these initiatives, please let us know.


Additional information on resources you can use in your awareness-raising efforts can be found here:

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation:


Start a CAASE Chapter at Your College or University

Join other students to educate your college community and mobilize your campus to make a difference in the movement.

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation:

  • For Young Professionals: CAASE’s Young Activist Council

The Young Activist Council is a group of dedicated individuals who serve as ambassadors on behalf of CAASE. They work to engage their networks and communities to champion anti-exploitation work while simultaneously planning fun events to raise funds for the organization.

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation:


Raise Awareness


  • Host a film screening of “Bangkok Girl.”  It is accessible on YouTube or for purchase on


  • Raise awareness about the incidence and impact of sex tourism. Approximately 25% of sex tourists are from the United States.

Change needs to begin at home.


(This is a non Chicago group that explains in depth on how anyone can gather and run an awareness group and hand out flyers)

Inform the Travel Industry


  • Ask travel agencies, hotels, and tour operators to sign the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children in Travel and Tourism. Applaud and patronize those who have signed.


  • Go to The ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) website which lists great resources including training manuals, global monitoring reports, information booklets, and child- friendly publications. Educate yourself more about the issue and ways to take action and educate others.

Learn more at