New Ideas


This discussion group is to create new ways to help the cause.  There are volunteer opportunities out there that no one has thought of yet.  Also, brand new technology has not been fully utilized.  By putting our minds together we will invent new programs and implement them.


It is using the mind for love.


-This discussion group is love oriented.  So trolling posts will be deleted.  More victims will be helped with teamwork.  Harsh words harm teamwork.  Please be nice.

-As groups of like minded people form they will be invited to meet face to face to discuss research, planning, action, and possibly organization formation.

The organizations could be grassroots like a meeting of friends who work on a project together or they could become charitable organizations.  Further, while we are in the Chicago area others may read of our ideas and implement them elsewhere.  Thus, simply communicating a winning idea may be the deciding factor in more victims walking free.


-Currently most volunteer opportunities in this movement are white collar.  All too often, if you don’t have a certain degree you can’t help.  When ways to make a big difference are developed that anyone can participate in then the number of workers will go through the roof.  We should be able to find ways for teenagers sitting at computers, senior citizens in retirement, and everyone else to put their efforts to good use.  We encourage a focus on developing these kinds of tasks.  The civil war was won after Lincoln permitted freed slaves to fight to free all.  We need everybody to win this war.


-The discussion of apparently unworkable ideas is not only welcome but encouraged.  Often a genius idea is discovered when someone says something unorthodox (such as Christopher Columbus stating he would like to sail around a supposedly flat planet).  Further, such an idea may come to nothing in itself, but will give birth to a better and workable idea.

-An idea may be put forth by one.  A second will raise the problem that prevents it from happening.  A third will have the solution to the problem.  Civil discourse will make it happen.


-One person will have the winning idea.  The second is the one who will research it to avoid the pitfalls and maximize it’s usefulness. The third can carry the responsibility to make it happen.  The forth may be the person who can fund it or get it funded.  Teamwork saves lives.  Find your team here.


-Charitiable organizations are bound by the world of lawsuits and precise public opinion.  Grassroots organizations with no income or structure have more working room and can still remain legal.  Thus, the amount of activities the movement can do will be increased by the addition of more grassroots groups.


-We are also looking for the next Shindler (of the movie Shindler’s list).  There are astounding good ideas out there to be discovered which can save the lives of so many.  That guy was a personal wreck.  He came up with an idea to save hundreds.  Then he did it.  The next Shindler is playing video games or shopping for shoes right now.  He/she simply does not know the lives that are at stake and how to save them.  This website is going to fix that.  The next Shindler, Harriet Tubman, Wilbur Wilburforce, may be you.  Those positions are currently available.  But you will have to invent and build them from the ground up.


-Legal slavery was ended when someone from Illinois came forth to make it happen.  Let’s do it again.