Organization Aid


Chicago’s heroic Anti-Trafficking groups need help.  They are underfunded, understaffed and anything you do multiplies their efforts.  Emotional support is helpful.  The work can be stressful so merely cheering up the workers can energize them to greater effectiveness.  Do not be discouraged if they are slow to answer your inquiries as they are understaffed.  Also, their volunteer needs are very specific.   So if what you are looking to do is not on their web site, then they probably won’t be able to help you do it.  Just refer back to this site to find something that better suits your passions and skills.  Almost every one of them needs calls or emails before you just show up at the office to inquire.


In the middle of the page is information about “shopping for survivor made goods.”  The purchase of these goods creates healthy work environments for survivors.


Near the bottom of this page:  For those of you who are capable of freeing slaves with your own hands by giving funds (write checks) —we have listed some of Chicago’s Anti-Trafficking Organizations that will use that money effectively.  (Any not listed here can get listed by contacting us).  They are listed below in the “WRITE CHECKS” section.


At the very bottom of this page are links to pages of religious inspiration to fight Human Trafficking.  Each religion gets their own page.  Send your religion’s liberation wisdom to



Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) volunteer opportunities :


-Events volunteer

  • Volunteer for events with Charitable organizations


Sign up for our database to work as a volunteer at community events such as at the registration table, coat check, literature table, etc.


Contact Information:

  • Office based

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation:

-Volunteer should be available to help with occasional administrative tasks such as stuffing envelopes for mailings or helping with our annual December fundraiser.


  • Media

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation:

-Web design, graphic arts, social media marketing for a Charitable organization


  • Communication, Design and Photography

Work with our communications team to promote CAASE events, help us use social media to promote news pieces and CAASE victories, help us with editing CAASE material, and be an ambassador for CAASE on Facebook and Twitter. We are sometimes in need of graphic design and photography services as well.

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation:


Salvation Army’s PROMISE Program

  • Marketing Team

The Making Waves Marketing Team assists Salvation Army’s PROMISE Program in the creation of promotional videos and marketing materials: brochures and handouts. Our goal is to partner with PROMISE to help communicate to the larger general public. If you have skills or passion in this area and would like to serve on this team, please contact us.


Social Media Volunteer for Free Slaves With Your Own Hands

This position may include: posting and or writing material for our Facebook page, researching  news articles, and updating events.(no experience needed) contact Admin F.S. email:


Salvation Army’s Stop-It

  • Grant application/development
  • Development Volunteer     Stop-It



  • Publicity

-Media Management Volunteer



Chicago Dreamcatcher Foundation

  • Grant writer.

We apply for a lot of grants in the course of a year, and we are always looking for help with them. If you have grant writing experience or training, please consider helping us out! Grant writing volunteers do not have to live in Chicago.


Shared Hope

  • Shared hope’s media list


Chicago Dream Center

  • Administrative work
  • Grant Writer
  • Volunteers to help with October 2014 SAFE Anti-Sex Trafficking Conference
  • IT Help
  • Social Media Updates

Contact: Heather Morse  Email:


Traffick Free

  • Administrative work

  • Volunteer management



  • Volunteer management

This group provides legal services to survivors and needs a coordinator of volunteers.


Other non office based work at Free Slaves With Your Own Hands:

  • Coordinator of donated goods for recovering survivors


Survivors need clothes, household items, bus passes, personal items, etc. to get started on their new lives.  The charitable organizations do not have enough funds to help all of the survivors.

This coordinator would start from scratch.  First find out what each organization needs.  Second, find a place to store donated items (garage, basement, self storage).  Third, let the awareness groups and churches know of how people can donate, probably with a flyer that can go on display tables.  Fourth, ask for transport and inventory volunteers to pick up and deliver.  Fifth build a small simple website to explain what items are needed and where to deliver them.  There are no funds or existing organizations to help you do this.  However, Darci at Heartland is a resource of advice and will help guide you through to establish this extremely needed position.  Best done with a team.

So all who are interested should contact and we will help arrange a meeting so a group of like minded individuals can make the task easier.  To donate to a recovering victim is an act of rescue.  It helps break the chains that are tugging  them back to captivity.  It is a sign to them that they are loved and helps them adjust to the harshly different reality known as freedom.!forum/resource-collection-for-recovery



Slavery map

  • lists incidents by block

  • Add trafficking incidents to the map to help law enforcement and NGOs fight trafficking.


Job listing for paid jobs in anti trafficking

  • Get a paying job in this field (usually not in Chicagoland)


What teens can do

(This non-chicago groups offers excellent things to do especially for teens)


Volunteer meetings for Traffick Free

Show up in person to see what the opportunities are with the group and talk face to face with coordinator at Traffick Free.

Volunteer Director: Richelle Hennen



Group travel to use your skills


Boycott slave-made goods

Use your purchasing power!


Support tourism-related industries both in the United States and abroad

that have signed the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children in Travel

and Tourism


Companies in the United States include: Amazon Tours, Carlson

Companies, and Ela Brasil.


Here is a site that you can scan the barcode of any product you are thinking of purchasing and it will tell you if it is slave made.  Smart phones being used for compassion!


More bar code boycotts.


Community awareness groups


  • How to start/run one from Shared Hope:


  • Promise is seeking to create a new one.   Contact them directly.


Join the board of a Charitable organization

CAASE is governed by a dynamic and innovative Board of Directors.  The board meets four times a year and helps provide leadership to the organization as well as fiscal oversight. We are specifically looking for board members with expertise in fundraising and fiscal management.

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation:


Start something no one else is doing

Visit our discussion group here to discuss your ideas with like minded people.




Chicagoland’s ONLY store dedicated to survivor made goods:


WAR Chest Boutique – Naperville(630) 904-9200

4 East Jefferson Ave. Naperville, IL 60540 (directions)

Store Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 6:30pm / Sunday: 1:00pm -5:00pm / Closed Monday

*Please call to inquire about private in-store parties after hours. 

Visit us at

WAR Chest is a nonprofit boutique in Naperville that sells fine gifts made or sourced by women who have been trafficked or who are at risk. Shop with a Purpose!


Volunteer Opportunities at War Chest:


Volunteer in store Tuesday-Saturday between the hours of 11am-6:30pm.

3 hour increments preferred.

Volunteers help with basic retail operations such as cleaning, dusting, merchandising, tagging, organizing and greeting.


Please email if interested.


  • W.A.R. online shopping at


  • Shopping (soap)



S.O. Loved is a new jewelry company based in Geneva, IL with a mission to hire & mentor survivors as their Artists so that the women in need can make an income from the safety of their own home or shelter while they heal.

  • creates jobs for survivors in Asia through producing backpacks.  The products then get bought and then donated to needy American schoolchildren.  Buy one for yourself at:




  • Nightlight

Shopping, home shopping parties, and wholesale.  Get trained to help with jewelry sales at events throughout the Fall and Winter!  Contact for more information.

Host a jewelry party or event to raise awareness and sell handmade jewelry!  Contact: for more information.


  • Shopping:


  • Shopping:


  • Shopping:


Funding and Fundraising

All of the Charitable organizations need fundraisers.

Here is a good place to get ideas of how to do it:     


Our heroic local organizations that really need fundraisers:

(don’t see your group? Submit it to


  • Dreamcatcher: Works with direct rescue and survivor support.


  • Promise: the Salvation Army’s safe house and community alert program.


  • The Chicago Dream Center/Alabaster Dreams:  Safe house and direct rescue


  • The Heartland Alliance:  Survivor Aid


  • Legal AID Society:  ATLASST, LASST, METROPOLITAN  FAMILY SERVICES.  Legal aid to survivors.


  • Compassionate Communities For Children:  Safe house coming soon.



  • Women at Risk:  Awareness, training, survivor aid, store for survivor made goods.


  • Traffick Free:  Awareness and support to all of the movement.


  • Ink 180:  Tatoo removal and survivor support.


  • New Name Ministries:  Call rescue


  • Making Waves: Awareness/Training


-Fundraising Team, Making Waves

The Fundraising Team will create and implement Making Waves fundraising events.


-Fundraising Volunteer     Stop-It


  • CAASE: Organize a fundraiser in your community to benefit CAASE, or help assist CAASE staff with our fundraising events with things such as marketing, planning or organizing a fundraiser.

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation:



Write Checks to Non Profit Organizations:

We have examined the local movement and found them all to be doing effective work efficiently.  Here are the 501(c)3 organizations who have contacted us and their websites.  Please do not write checks to Free Slaves With Your Own Hands but directly to the group you wish to support.


  • Dreamcatcher: Works with direct rescue and survivor support.


  • Promise: the Salvation Army’s safe house and community alert program.


  • The Chicago Dream Center/Alabaster Dreams:  Safe house and direct rescue


  • The Heartland Alliance:  Northern Tier


  • Stop-It


  • Changing The World International Ministry on Chicago’s South Side         
  • Legal AID Societies:  ATLASST, LASST, METROPOLITAN  FAMILY SERVICES.  Legal aid to survivors.


  • Reclaim13 Safe house for girls:


  • Women at Risk (WAR):  Awareness, training, survivor aid, store for survivor made goods.


  • Traffick Free:  Emergency Drop in Center


  • Ink 180:  Tatoo removal and survivor support.


  • New Name Ministries:  Makes phone calls for rescue

Write checks to: Parkview Community Church.

Memo: New Name.

Mail to: Parkview Community Church 764 St. Charles Rd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


  • Making Waves: Awareness/Training


As we mentioned above if you know of a group focused solely on Anti-Trafficking that is not on this list please instruct them to contact us.


This movement has no bad groups.  As a neutral and donation free entity we monitor and assess all of them for effectiveness.  We are constantly seeking to find what works best and where resources are most needed.  Contact us at to update any information.



Religious Inspiration Section

To break down the gates of hell you must first access power from God!


This page is about bringing the power that each religion has to the fight against human trafficking.  If your religion is not represented please feel free to write something and submit it to us.  By uniting, we can free more in bondage.


Links to Religious Inspiration:

  • Jewish inspirational view of compassion regarding Human Trafficking and prayers -awaiting submissions.
  • -Christian inspirational view of compassion regarding Human Trafficking and prayers  -awaiting submissions.
  • -Muslim inspirational view of compassion regarding Human Trafficking and prayers  -awaiting submissions

Send submissions to:

  • Touch the Heart of God prayer/rescue group

Prayer walk in high trafficking areas.  Contact to connect with TTHG.


  • Prayer/study groups in Chicagoland/Milwaukee

-Eve’s Angels

-New Name


  • Catholic list of prayers against trafficking.