Rescue is defined here by any act that leads to the physical rescue of the victim that is safe, non-violent and legal.


[ Note:   There is another rescue that breaks the chains that cannot be seen.  In modern slavery there are internal chains still attached that are attempting to pull those who physically escaped back. These are the chains of manipulations, threats, drug addiction, stockholm syndrome, lies.   These can be broken by restoration of the physically freed victims.  Volunteer opportunities for restoration can be found in the survivor aid section of this website.  There is also the prevention for the need to rescue.  Less people will become enslaved when we work to lower demand for prostitution.  When the johns find out that each one of their purchases is incrementally the deciding factor on how many of America’s children will be kidnapped, beaten, and raped for years less of them will purchase.  Working to teach them is found in the education section.]



  • Reach out to victims at strip clubs.  Women go and befriend the workers to help them get to a better working situation.  They find some who are trafficking victims, who are then given support to achieve freedom.   They bring them cards and flowers to the workers to communicate love.  Cookies may be needed to be baked to bribe the bouncers (works every time).  Due to sensitive issues details information can only be found out by attending the meetings.
  • Eve’s Angels  Bible study meets at Parkview Christian Church (Orland Park)  and Willow Creek in Barrington.  To contact them to attend their meetings at:
  • New Name Ministries in West Suburbs.  Call centers and Asian Spa outreach.  Very effective.   Women go through 4 sessions at Sunday prayer meeting to  prepare to join in.   Website:


  • W.A.R. Women At Risk  Strip Club Ministry  (probably Michigan based)


Street Outreach

  • Dreamcatcher.  Our outreach teams look for potential victims in areas where victims are trafficked. Teams go out Friday and Saturday nights, 1:30am-7am.
  • Call Centers.  Call women “in the life” to help them get to a better working situation.  Done with intensive prayer.  New Name Ministries.  Note: Looking for volunteers with law enforcement experience.  To apply, attend the Sunday prayer meeting in West suburbs.


  • Hotline receptionist for Stop-It.  No need to sit in their facility.  Calls get routed to your phone wherever you are.  Please contact Elyse through their website at: 
  • Hotline Volunteer Applications: Stop-It

  • Truck Stop Outreaches.  Truckers against trafficking.  This group teaches you how to approach the management of huge truck stops to get the truckers educated on how they can report the prostitution that goes on there.



  • Public Awareness and Outreach Volunteer: Stop-It  (listed also in education section)


  • Outreach Worker MSW Intern STOP-IT Program



Call or text the hotline if you see a possible victim

You can help victims of human trafficking find the support they need to reclaim their lives. When a victim calls or texts our hotline from anywhere in the country, we can connect him/her to help, 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Call 1-888-373-7888 or Text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)

Help us raise awareness of this vital resource so that human trafficking victims, friends and family, community members, advocates  law enforcement, business leaders and more know where to get help, report a tip or request information or training.


  • This is homeland security’s long list of printable posters that people can put up to increase awareness to firefighters, police, hospital workers, taxi drivers, hotel workers, etc.  Anyone can do this!


  • Learn to identify victims and how to report it


Report trafficking

  • Before traveling, identify how to report a case of sex tourism. Some examples are when you see someone purchasing sex from a minor or see a tour company organizing sex tours.

Find out more at:

  • Training available in N.W. Suburbs;

For their training for first time responders:


  • From your computer at home.  Rescue from your computer

If you suspect a U.S. business is organizing sex tours, or someone you know is purchasing such a tour, report it to your local police

department or attorney general’s office.  It is better to report something even if you are not sure if the business is corrupt, rather than doing nothing and having something go unreported.

An internet search and a few phone calls could be all that is needed for you to uncover them.

Call the Polaris hotline first to get tips on how to do so first.  You can report through NCMEC’s website.

  • Place posters to let victims know where they can go to get help.

Posters at either of these:


  • Go to your local hospitals and police.  Ask the leadership if you can show this video to all of their staff who deals with the public.  It will quickly teach them: “What is human trafficking,” how to identify victims, how to report it in order to get the victims freed.  (deliberately mentioned twice.  Also in educate the public section)  This is a 7 minute video from Homeland security on teaching identification to police, medical, etc.


  • Manning The Local Hotline for STOP-IT

We are writing to put out a request – this is specific to people living in the Chicago area (sorry for our out of state subscribers).  As many of you know, STOP-IT has been stretched pretty thin as of late in regards to staffing.  As a result, we are refocusing on building our volunteer program, as we recognize that it is a necessity if we are going to be able to maintain the high level of services provided by our team.  (It is also an extremely slow process; sorry for the delay!)  We are starting out this focus by building our hotline response.  Volunteering with our hotline does not require you to sit in an office answering phones – you are able to go about your typically scheduled events, but must be available to answer the phone and provide support and assistance.  If this is something in which you are interested, please let me know and we can set up a time/date for an interview.

~ Elyse


Elyse Dobney, MSW

Volunteer Manager/Trafficking Specialist, STOP-IT

The Salvation Army Family and Community Services

609 W Dempster

Des Plaines, IL 60016

Office: 847.981.9113 x127     Fax:  847.981.9116

TOLL FREE/24-Hour Hotline for people needing help: 877.606.3158