Survivor Aid

Also called restoration.  The recently rescued are often deeply traumatized and own nearly nothing.  They need every basic need to begin their new lives.  As mentioned before, Survivor Aid helps them acclimate to their new lives and thus, breaks the chains that pull so many back into slavery.  It is a more effective rescue than merely physical rescue.  Further, lack of safe house beds often convinces slaves not to “jump” to freedom.  Lack of goods or donations for the safe houses lowers the numbers of beds.  You can free slaves here by volunteering for survivor aid.

Interaction with survivors often requires 1-4 hours of video and class learning provided by the organization.  This minimizes survivor re-traumatization and volunteer stress and confusion.  It is worth it.  Also background checks are important.  Application may or may not be approved since survivors are sometimes being hunted by their previous traffickers so please do not be offended but move on to find your best place within the movement.

Safe houses along with lowering demand are the two “bottlenecks” of the movement.  Any help in these two areas especially makes an unusual amount of difference.  New ideas on how to provide more beds can be discussed at:


Also, anyone wishing to directly aid survivors in any way can contact us at:  The Compassion Response Team will do employment counseling and connect survivors with local services.  We will meet weekly, train, share and go help them.

  • Tutoring

    -Teacher’s assistant.  No degree needed.  One day a week commitment.

        -Dream Center

    -Volunteer at Promise: A one year commitment at Anne’s House

    -Dreamcatcher: A lot of our survivors are in high school and would benefit from some tutoring. Put your math and language skills to good use and tutor a survivor!

  • Mentor survivors

-W.A.R. Online mentor coaches (mentor with no degree by blogging or email to survivors).



Mentors play an important role in a survivor’s life! Spend time with one of our survivors on a regular basis and be a good role model. Mentors meet with their mentee at least once per month and check in via phone, text, or social media at least once per week. A one-year commitment for mentors is mandatory and mentors must be 21 or older.


  • Stop-It: Social Worker

  • Research on how to be a caregiver

-You can search for books or videos on how to learn to be a caregiver for survivors.

Once you are educated, you are more equipped to volunteer to work with them.  This is not a Chicago group but there are sometimes classes within driving distance such as Holland MI.


Refer to:


The PDF is an entire book online on how to do restoration.  Volunteers will need to read it and pick out which things they can do to help.  These resources give both the big picture and will go into educational levels in detail.  It will help future grassroots groups to find their niche.

  • Activity Coordinator

It’s always great to put on an event or set up a field trip for our survivors. Cook a meal, have a game night, watch a movie, do arts & crafts, go to a museum – the possibilities are endless!

  • Employment Counseling For Victims

    Counsel survivors on how to find a job that fits them.

Discuss and meet like-minded people at this email discussion group:


-Stop-It, Dream Catcher, Heartland, and the Dream Center also need employment opportunities especially but not exclusively, for very young people.


    • Promise:

Creative employment and training opportunities

If you can provide any of these needs or can assist in locating others who would, please send us an email   

    • Compile the complete list of all ways to make money while staying at home.  Learn how to get people started on each of them.  Go present all the options to groups of survivors to help them get started on their new life.  Start with the Dream Center who gave us this idea.  They will welcome you to be part of their ministry.  Then, approach Promise, Heartland, Stop-It, Dreamcatcher, etc. to do the same.

This is an easy way to provide income to survivors: research, get permission, teach for an hour and you have broken the chains of financial dependency that could pull people back into trafficking.


Please email any information you have to us at: so we can disseminate this helpful information.

-Discuss the concepts of forming a group to do this and then form it on our email discussion list:

  • Spiritual aid for victims

    -Encouragement ministry.  Women come, befriend, and encourage survivors to do the things that will establish a healthy happy life.  Duration: 4 hours.  Dream Center.

    • Transport and sit with survivors at doctor and other appointments.

    • Contact the Dream Center (Alabaster Dreams); ministry is Tues. or Thurs. Could be all day.  Ned to be female, more information at:

    • Plan a Banquet for survivors

-Donate goods to the Dream Center’s Christmas for Survivors banquet.  Ask for the list for needed goods at:


  • W.A.R.

    • General Survivor aid with W.A.R.

  • Drivers

Finding independent transportation is hard, and we help to make sure our survivors can get to their appointments, events, music lessons – wherever they need to be – on time. If you have a car, volunteer to help out with driving.

    • Stop-IT may need this also for medical assistance.

  • Pro Bono Medical Work

  • Please contact Alabaster Dreams if you would like to help drive teams of Spa

Coordinate pro bono medical work for part or all of the entire Chicago movement.

    This is not as hard as it sounds.  Let the awareness groups know to encourage people to ask their own doctors and dentists to examine one patient a year for pro bono and tell them where to register so they can commit in the future.

Collect and organize the commitments.  Consult with Stop-It, the Dream Center, Heartland, Promise, Dreamcatcher, etc. on what they need.  Match up their needs with the commitments.  This can all be done from your computer with almost zero expenses (there may be expenses for a cheap flyer for distribution by the awareness groups).  Survivors often need medical attention due to violence and are broke.  Collect a team or go it alone.

Discuss how to do it, then meet like minded people to start the group at our email discussion list at:


    • Help collect and pack medical supplies and equipment to be sent to shelters for survivors overseas.

Contact the Polaris Project for places to donate at:


  • Legal aid for survivors

Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Social Services (also known as A.T.L.A.S.S.T.)  works directly with survivors in Chicago.

“The Legal Aid Society’s (LAS’s) Pro Bono Program allows volunteers to make equal access to justice a reality. We match volunteer attorneys, paralegals, and student interns with litigation/non-litigation opportunities based on their interests and availability. Volunteers learn new skills in an intimate setting, use their current skills to broaden resources for LAS clients and provide vital legal services to the most vulnerable individuals living in communities served by Metropolitan Family Services’ community centers.”

-A.T.L.A.A.S.T. of Metropolitan Family Services are lawyers who work with victims for free.  Incredibly effective work.  They need pro-bono lawyers.


    • Student intern Legal opportunities

The Legal Aid Society pairs law and undergrad students with staff attorneys and paralegals.

    • the Chicago Dream Center needs lawyers

    • For Attorneys: Pro Bono Project

The CAASE Pro Bono Project connects private attorneys with local survivors of sexual assault and sex trafficking to ensure that every survivor has access to the quality legal counsel that she (or he) wants and needs. Learn more here: lawyers

-American Bar Association Task Force on Human Trafficking Tool Kit for Bar Associations:


  • Legal Aid Society Internships

Are you pursuing a career in human services? Metropolitan offers a variety of exciting internships for undergraduate and graduate students. Whether your interest is:

  • social services/clinical

  • public policy

  • human resources

  • development

  • marketing communications

  • accounting

  • information systems

-This is a guide for Chicago Lawyers to get involved.  It is from the Chicago Bar Assoc.

Focus on Asians.


  • Support to the newly freed through donating goods

The movement desperately needs specific household items for the newly freed.

They come out of bondage with nearly nothing and the charitable organizations are strained to supply them.  The more their needs are met in the new life the more the chains tying them to their old life are broken.  Literally, supplying them breaks chains.


Delivering gifts of love is an act of rescue.

This need can be met by individuals looking at the lists of needs, collecting and delivering them or it can be met by a group who collects the goods from multiple sources, rents a garage or storage locker then gets the exact goods to each group that needs them.


    • CAASE’s description: Host clothing and supply drives for victims of child sexual exploitation in your community through agencies that serve them, such as The Dreamcatcher Foundation, The Dream Center, Salvation Army’s Promise and Stop-It programs (and soon to be Moody Church’s safe house).  (Please find out exactly what they need before collecting.)

    • Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights needs very specific household goods listed on two sites here:

and here:


    • the Chicago Dream Center: Spread the Warmth!  From October-December each year, we collect donations of hats, gloves, socks, and canned goods.  Start a local drive at your school, church or grocery store today!

  • Safe house for trafficking victims and Non-trafficking victims needs: 12-15 passenger vehicle or shuttle bus, Minivan, Scholarships for continuing study, New roof over our farmhouse, also household-personal care items, etc.


  • Chicago Dream Center

-Also Free Slaves With Your Own Hands needs a van for shuttling survivors and fundraising materials for safe houses.  (please give to Dream Center first).  If you have a van to donate email us at fswyoh at gmail…

  • STOP-IT Wish List

Immediate Needs

There are many opportunities to sponsor individual STOP-IT clients. Currently, we have several clients who have recently moved into independent housing. If you have any items, new or gently used, that would be useful in starting a new home (furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, towels, etc.) please contact us right away as there is an immediate need for these items for specific clients.

If you are interested in supporting the STOP-IT Program through material donations, the following items are always of great use to STOP-IT clients:

    Gift Cards to help clients obtain groceries, clothing, shoes, and other concrete needs

    Gift Cards to provide clients with meals during appointments

    Public Transportation Passes

    Pre-Paid Phone Cards (International)

    Vehicles to safely transport trafficking survivors

Items may be sent to:

STOP-IT Program

The Salvation Army

4800 N Marine Dr.

Chicago, IL

  • Promise wish list:

    • Provide goods:

Gift cards – Target, Kohl’s, downtown Chicago clothing and department stores, gift cards to gasoline stations, ie: Shell, Mobile, Speedway

    • Tickets or gift certificates to recreational outings – museums, sporting events, theater, fine dining, etc.

    • Free or low-cost organized educational tours to Chicago landmarks, cultural institutions and businesses

    • Safe house construction and repair.  Making better living conditions for survivors     helps them break the mental chains that are always pulling them back.  It is rescue.

    • Dream center needs plumbing, roofing, painting at Humbolt Park locations.

    • Dream center needs mowing and repair on their safe house farm located 3 hours away.  Suggested two day event leaving Saturday morning from home.  Work Saturday. Stay Saturday night at hotel.  Work Sunday and come home.  Whatever works best for you!  No tools or funds available.

    • All safe houses sporadically need repair.  Check each to see what they need:

Anne’s house of Promise of the Salvation Army

Dreamcatcher (not established as of this writing Feb. 2014)

Moody Women’s ministry -Naomi’s house (not projected ready for some time)

Refuge for Women (coming 2014 probably, possibly by summer)

COMPASSIONATE COMMUNITIES FOR CHILDREN CCFORC.ORG (has house but no children yet.  As of this writing they are probably the number two most likely to need repair after Chicago Dream Center).

  • Safe house consolidation.

Someone needs to get all the groups who are planning on making safe houses to meet and share resources.  There are at least 4 groups each with only some funds who could unite to get another house up and running.

Discuss and form a group at our email discussion group:

  • Therapy for survivors from pro bono therapists

Dream Center

    Will accept psychology students.

    -Possibly Promise, Heartland and Dream catcher and all upcoming safe houses

    • Foster parents for victims (some special requirements)


  • New and untried idea: A church forms a team to care for a survivor.  One provides housing, another provides transportation, another connects his/her with service available from the local charitable organizations, a church official provides counseling and accountability for the team, the rest pray and deliver groceries to feed survivor and encourage the one providing housing.  Everyone on the team goes through the training provided by the local charitable organizations.  There is a large reward offered for whoever figures out how to house and care for survivors.  (sorry lost the URL for the site with the reward).  Use this idea as the basis to build the replicable program and claim the reward.  Discuss and form a group at:


  • Translators  We have foreign survivors who speak no English translators needed at:

    • Stop It

    • Heartland


  • Reception/office work for Anti-trafficking groups


  • Office Assistant at Stop-It