-Thanks for your prayers.

-”Like” this site and comment positively on facebook and all your social media.

-Place our promotional business-sized cards at at Anti-Trafficking events or at businesses/schools that allow them to be posted.  We cannot mail them out to you but will leave them to be picked up at locations around the city.  The locations will be listed in this paragraph as the cards are printed and made available.   Email us at: fswyoh at gmail.com

-Help us find more Anti-Trafficking groups in Chicagoland and Milwaukee and email as much of their info to us as possible.  No matter how small.  If they need volunteers or have events we want to post it somewhere on our site.  We especially need the Milwaukee groups researched (google search works) and their contact info.  Emails were sent to them but not returned.  So they are unaware of this site that exists to help them for free.  They have events and volunteer opportunities that Chicago area people want to participate in.  The deciding factor on being listed on this site is “Can a Chicago/Milwaukee area volunteer get there, work 4 hours and get home in a 16 hour waking day”.

-Get the local Charitable organizations to put links on their sites to this site.  Each one of them gets volunteers they can’t use who are lost to the movement because they can’t find their niche.  Their niche is listed here.  By linking to our site they easily increase the number of hands working to free slaves.  If all the organizations link to our site each will get more volunteers they can use.  They will feed volunteers into the other organizations.  The other organizations will feed volunteers into theirs.  The volunteers will all find the best place to use their passions and skills.  Everybody wins!  Especially those we love so much.  The explaining statement for the link to be posted on their sites is: “Chicagoland’s complete list of volunteer opportunities to fight Human Trafficking.”

-Research the veracity of the 7 year statement.  Some groups are stating the average age of a victim’s death in captivity is 7 years.  Some groups are not sure if it is fact based.  We are a fact based movement so someone needs to get to the bottom of this to find out the truth.  Then each group needs to be made aware of what is the most compelling stats to use that are grounded in researched fact.  If this is true then this movement is not about freeing people from a horrible life.  It is about freeing people from death.  To be able to say so will compel more to come save them.  But first we need the truth.  Email fswyoh@gmail.com with 7 year in subject line and we will get you started.  We will also ask you to put all your findings in a short, readable, email with links to your research sources and send it to every Anti-trafficking organization on the internet.  Convince them to make this part of their website presentation and the movement will be given a powerful weapon.  ”The Truth will set you free”,    -in this case the truth you dig up and disseminate will be the deciding factor in freeing people from physical bondage”.

-Join the discussion groups and help get new programs established.  There are new and untested ideas out there that can result in freeing and healing of modern slaves.  But these ideas need to be researched, discussed, the programs fine tuned, then working groups established and leaders raised up to take responsibility to see them come to life.  Even if you are against one of these ideas your comments are valuable.  State why you are against it so the others can find solutions to the problems you raise.  Thus, a better program will be built.  The full time workers and experts in the field are welcomed to comment.  Imput from law enforcement is welcomed and even requested.  The greatest ways to fight Human Trafficking have probably not yet been invented yet.  Invent them here.

IMPORTANT: Free Slaves With Your Own Hands has no staff.  If we get too many emails to answer (likely) your email will possibly not get answered.  If someone comes to volunteer to handle communication to hook volunteers up to their vocation that will change.  Until then please accept our apologies.  We run on no income to make everything free for the movement and the volunteers.  The negative is sometimes unresponsive communication.